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Hello London 9 Oct 2013 Hello London. While it was nice to visit you from Bristol and see you every few weeks for an evening or so, I eventually succumbed to your charms and moved in with you.

I took the occasion of moving to London as an excuse to commission a brand new desk from Bristol carpenter Nick Crossling. I designed it to measure, starting from an oak panel Nick originally sourced from a church and which is now the desktop, and adding a whole load of oak veneer wood with beautiful solid wood edging from Avon Plywood.

Shiny new oak studio console
On the desk you see a pair of my new ADAM A7X speakers, perched atop some very heavy Primacoustic Isolation pads. On the right there is 19" rack space, currently only filled with one unit (Focusrite Octopre preamp) and in the middle two shelves which exactly fit music manuscript paper.

But the best thing is the deliciously quiet computer server cabinet. It's made with 1.5cm thick acoustic foam and keeps a total lid on disk/fan noises coming from my Mac Pro. The custom glass door is chunky and looks lovely - even though it currently doesn't close (magnet still pending).

Under the desktop you'll see a keyboard peeking out. The keyboard tray took some very careful planning and Nick has done a great job of making it the smoothest, heavy but easy to roll out drawer I've put my fingers on. Older Post Home Newer Post