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Week Three - Elizabeth's War on Terror 14 Oct 2013
The edit is now well under way for Elizabeth's War on Terror, the Channel Five drama-doc I'm scoring at the moment. The deadline of the first viewing by the commissioner at C5 this week is looming and I'll be working my way through parts 1 and 2 (the doc is split up by ad breaks) this week, replacing parts of sketch cues I've been feeding the editor, Sue Outlaw and the director/producer, Mark Fielder over the last few weeks.

Extract from the score for Elizabeth's War on Terror - page 3 of the first cue in the film.
Here's a rare glimpse of the inside workings of one of my cues - it's the moment of a transition in the storytelling between Mary Queen of Scots thinking a group of horsemen have come to rescue her from house arrest under Elizabeth I's orders, and a description of the plotting Catholic subversive groups that formed around Mary. Little trick here: even though I'm using samples to realise the score, the subtle slowdowns at the points marked rall(entando). and rit(ardando). help to give the music an expressive feel. Older Post Home Newer Post