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Conducting at the Tabernacle 18 Apr 2014
Here are a few snaps from last night's show with Chozen Official at the Tabernacle. The show was opened by two usher boys (just about visible at the front) getting the crowd going before Chozen's entrance to an instrumental piece led by the strings.

Below you can get a sense of the projections behind us - a really intricate set of animations tailored to each song's character. I occasionally found myself looking up from the podium and marveling.

This one in particular really made an impact - almost looks like shadowplay here!

The string players, led by Stephanie Cavey, and pianist Sara De Santis were on top form, as were the rhythm section. Guest vocalists included Grainne, Filly, Max Stone, and legendary voice Angie Brown. Here's Chozen performing on his own for one track, and the view from the band towards the strings.

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